June 19th, 2006
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The web is full of great articles, essays and blogs focused on open adoption. Below are a few that I have found. If you know of any that aren’t mentioned here and would like to share, please add the link in the comments below.

What other Adoptionblogs.com bloggers are posting about open adoption.

Intro: My Open Adoption Story
Entrustment Ceremonies
Adoption Fears – Part 2

A ton of information can be found on Adoption.com’s open adoption section. It ranges from pre-adoptive parents, placing families to international open adoption. They offer a one click ‘Where do I start’ link and more. If you’ve ever wondered about open adoption or are considering opening a closed adoption – start here.


Adoptive Families
They have a whole section dedicated to open adoption. Most of the essays (maybe all) are by adoptive parents and covers a range of open adoption topics.

  • Understanding Open Adoption
  • Open Adoption Works for Us
  • A Lasting Relationship
  • A Durable Relationship
  • When a Birthparent Moves On
  • The Other Mother
  • Where Did I Come From?

All the essays can be found here.

Carrie Craft is the Adoption/Foster Care guide on About.com. You can find essays and articles from all perspectives there. I’ve linked to some about open adoption, but I encourage you look around more once you’re there.

You can also sign up for Carrie Craft’s weekly adoption newsletter here.

The History of Open Adoption
Open adoption – Definition
Semi-Open adoption – Definition
One Birth Mother’s Open Adoption Story

Open adoption, broken heart
I knew it would be hard for my daughter’s birth mother to give her up. I just didn’t expect to feel so guilty for taking her.

From the Blog-o-sphere
Blogs or blog posts that pertain to open adoption.

What open adoption is NOT (via Welcome to my brain)

Gotcha Baby – “Journey through parenting via open adoption”

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  1. I loved the ‘welcome to my brain’ article and blogged about it. It will post magically, when I am out enjoying the wonderful beach next week. Thanks for the great links.

  2. Crown Prince's Mommy says:

    My son was adopted in November..His is an open adoption and would not have it any other way.


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