September 5th, 2006
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a family, just not a picture of mineOur adoption is independent, once contested, and open. On Friday it’ll be finalized! The first time I met the judge (I believe) who will be signing our ‘forever family’ papers was under very different and frightening circumstances. We had the real chance we would not be able to parent our son. This judge was the one who would be deciding the case.

It was also the first time we met my son’s biological paternal grandparents (and great grandparents, though at the time we didn’t know that). That wasn’t an easy meeting either, being as we were on the opposite sides of the courtroom asking the judge to rule very different things.


However, almost three years later, this time we enter the courtroom it’ll be together and in celebration. Through the fear and chaos of the earlier meetings we reached out to strangers and they reached out to us and somewhere in there, we became a family.

Friday signifies the day we become the official parents of Craig in the eyes of the government. It’s also a day of happy relief on my part. No more social workers (though we had some great ones!), no more home studies, no more worry something will go wrong and my son’s adoption will never be finalized.

Friday we become a Forever Family.

It feels kind of like we’re getting married. My parents, mother-in-law, Craig’s birth mom and his biological paternal grandparents will be there. Of course, Jimmy, Jay, Craig and I will be there too. We’ll be in front of an official and signing papers that makes our love for one another recognized permanently. It also signifies our commitment, though I don’t believe the state laws have caught up with this yet, to our baby-in-laws.

Not that we need anything official to feel like family. We’ve been bonding as one for awhile now. It’s just nice to have a day to celebrate it!

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